segunda-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2012

Cães de raça - Lhasa Apsos um

Dogs Name: lucyOwners Name: nick and deb from scarboroughour little lucy at 4 months old.Dogs Name: MissyOwners Name: SophieThats Missy she is almost 2 now and as you can tell is absolutely gorgeous.Beau Beau is a beautiful dog.  Full of fun, love and life.  One of a kind...certainly a show stopper!Bitsy Marie was a rescue dog.  she was not well fed and her fur was falling out  at 12 weeks old. you can now see she is my Princess and very well taken care of at 1 year.Gucci posing at 5 months oldShe's loveable and sweet.  Our little princess.Here's a picture of my lhasa gucciHere he is just layed across the arm of the sofa...No Shame at all Charlie.
He is my little man, barks at every noise outside, runs from the cat and if the bird tweets runs to his bed in kitchen. He really is a bit of a softie but we all love him to bits.

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